General conditions of sale
Updates on 04/15/2020
Our general conditions are made up of the following titles:
I. Terms of use for the website and for the application

II. General conditions of the company

III. General conditions of the tourist activity provider

The company, as an intermediary, supports on this online booking platform, visitors and providers of tourist activities.
In addition, the company, via this online platform, also allows certain cooperation partners (sub-intermediaries / cooperation partners) to book tourist activities from the service provider. The use of this online booking platform by a sub-intermediary or a partner implies a contractual agreement for which the company has previously given its agreement in writing.
The contracts relating to tourist activities are concluded directly between users of this online platform and providers of tourism activities. When users reserve on a partner platform or when a sub-intermediary makes a reservation on behalf of a user of a partner platform, a special contract between the user and the provider will be directly formed. is not a party to the contract for the tourist activities offered by this online booking platform.

I. Terms of use for the website and for the application

  1. Who has the status of operator?

The lower parts and content such as texts, images, videos, provision of services and all other information contained therein constitute the entire website. You can get in touch with the company by e-mail (

Reservations made on the booking platform are subject to the general conditions of as well as to the general conditions of providers of tourist activities.

  1. Scope of the terms of use

These terms of use (the “Terms of Use”) apply in conjunction with the Data Protection Declaration (“Data Protection Provisions”) for all forms of use. The use of the website requires of each visitor (“user” or “you”), the acceptance of the conditions of use as well as the reading and understanding of the data protection directive. The total or partial use of the website means that you have carefully read its conditions of use as well as its data protection declaration and that you have assimilated them. It is indeed imperative that you approve all the provisions relating to these conditions of use.

  1. Lack of quality of offer

All data shared on this website is for information purposes. This information cannot constitute an offer of right emanating from our company. A legally binding contract is concluded only with the providers of tourist activities presented on our site by means of a reservation request on our online platform, which the provider accepts in accordance with our general conditions.

  1. No guarantee

Although the company takes care to ensure the accuracy of the content displayed on its website, the company does not formally or implicitly cover a warranty as to its entirety, the relevance, reliability and timeliness of the information communicated on this website. cannot also ensure their functionality for specific or foreign purposes (all information provided by a third person is included). The company reserves the right to modify, improve or delete at any time without notice the content of this website as well as its composition or use. is also not required to remove obsolete content or to qualify it as such. The company is entitled to completely or partially block users from accessing this website or to offer them access under certain conditions. does not formally or implicitly cover a guarantee as to the availability of the website or its functions, in particular its absence of defects. There is also no guarantee that the website and its entire infrastructure will be immune to any viruses or similar harmful software. cannot therefore guarantee the absence of a technical problem on the website or that the latter is modified by the facts of an incompetent third party for this purpose.

  1. Limitation of liability for part I of the general conditions

The liability of, its legal representatives, its independent contractual partners, its own employees and executives as well as the self-employed is excluded. In fact, liability for damage relating to their access (or impossibility of access) to the website or damage relating to a possible error or omissions or to results achieved as a result of is also excluded. use of the website, regardless of their cause. However, liability is not excluded for damage caused intentionally or through gross negligence to the extent provided by applicable law. Thus, the limitations of liability do not apply in the context of guarantees granted, damage to life, damage to physical integrity and health as well as for the provisions provided for by the French code relating to product fact responsibility.

  1. Content from third parties, links to other websites

The company does not engage its responsibility for the contents emanating from third parties (this also includes the activities which can be reserved and the information concerning them), insofar as these are made available on the website as well as the contents linked on the website or returned to the website. These contents are neither recommended nor approved by the company does not assume any responsibility for this. The use of the links of the company, leading to other websites is carried out at its own risk. therefore recommends reading the directives of said websites and verifying their approaches to the use of personal data. If you should suspect illegal content, please let us know by e-mail at the following address:

  1. Limited authorization for the application

The company hereby makes the application available to you. This application guarantees you a non-exclusive, non-transferable right, which cannot be licensed, revocable, tax-free and worldwide, subject to compliance with these conditions of use as of this day as well as in the future. The application can (i) be used exclusively in object code format and for personal purposes (if you are a consumer or for internal commercial purposes (if you are a company). The number of copies and backup copies of the application that can be made must not exceed the necessary legal use. (iii) It is prohibited for third parties to copy the application, to adapt it , redevelop, decompile, dislocate, modify, readjust or take the initiative to partially or fully correct faults within the application. (iv) Non-expensive rental as well as expensive rental, sub-license, translation, merging, adjustment and modification of the application are prohibited. (v) Disassembly, decompilation, reverse engineering („Reverse Engineering “) Or the partial or complete use of the source code as a basis for other programs including all attempts at such activities are prohibited.

  1. Intellectual property rights

Respect for the rights of literary and artistic property and / or other rights devoted to intellectual works between you and the company is guaranteed by the website. You acquire no rights for the website and possibly for names, trade names and signs of any kind (including brands) published on the website. You are allowed access to the website and its display. However, you are prohibited from integrating the website with other websites or copying, displaying, licensing, publishing, downloading, uploading, sending or illustrating it. in another way without our prior written consent.

  1. Changes to the terms of use

The company reserves the right to modify these conditions of use at any time. The changes have an immediate effect. If the company were to make changes, these would take effect at the time of their publication on the website. The company expects you to regularly consult this point 9 so that you are informed at all times of our conditions of use in force. You automatically approve the changes as soon as you use the website later.

  1. Applicable law and competent court

The law of the Republic of France is applicable and the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods does not apply. If you have used the product as a consumer and at the time of use your habitual residence is in another State, the choice as to the applicable law mentioned in sentence 1 will not affect the application of the imperative standards of that other State. Local courts have exclusive jurisdiction, insofar as the user is a trader within the meaning of the French Commercial Code or does not have a fixed domicile in France at the time of the commencement of proceedings. This has no impact on the courts considered imperatively competent by law.

II. The company – General conditions for the user regarding all the offers offered on the online platform

  1. Introduction

1.1 operates an intermediation platform for offers relating to tourist activities. The platform of the company thus offers online offers via its website and its applications. The website and its applications will later refer to these general conditions as “the platform”. Users have the possibility, on the platform, of finding and booking tours, activities and tourist adventures throughout France. All the offers offered on our online platform include guided tours, cooking classes, bus tours, canal tours, places for tourist attractions as well as many others. The offers are published online by a multitude of local providers throughout France (“providers”) with which the respective contract relating to the provision of tourist services is formed (“service contract”). Information relating to services from service providers can be found on the platform. It is also possible to make reservations.
1.2 The company is aimed at both consumers and professionals. For the purpose of these general conditions, the following provisions apply:
a. A “consumer” is any natural person who concludes a contract for a use which can be considered mainly as foreign to his commercial or liberal professional activity
b. A “professional” is any natural or legal person, or a partnership with legal capacity acting in the exercise of their professional or liberal professional activity when concluding a contract
c. A “user” is any natural person unless he is precisely registered as a legal person with the company Use by action and by omission under the registration of a legal person is charged to the natural person unless he acts under a power of attorney for the legal person. Sub-intermediaries are also considered later as “users”.

  1. Subject of Part II of these general conditions

These general conditions apply to any use of the platform, via the Internet or via applications. The contractual relationship between the user and the company in principle only includes the compliant intermediation of users with the respective providers or the transmission of data on users from a sub-intermediary. does not have the quality of organizer. It also does not have the status of lessor, seller or contractual partner with regard to the service contract concluded with the user. This part II of the general conditions applies to the offers offered on the platform and for the intermediation of users with providers. This part II of the general conditions applies to the use of the platform by cooperation partners (sub-intermediaries / cooperation partners) subject to the specific contractual agreements agreed with the respective cooperation partner. The conditions of the respective service contract between users and providers are subject to the provisions of Part III of these general conditions.

  1. Registration

3.1 The use of the offers offered on the platform can in principle be carried out anonymously.
3.2 Certain uses of the platform, such as making reservations, require a recording. During registration, the user sends an electronic registration form and accepts the general conditions. Registration by the company succeeds only after the user has confirmed it to the e-mail address that the latter has previously provided. Natural persons who have reached the end of their 18th year are authorized to register. The user is required to keep the password he has assigned to himself secret and to reasonably avoid any possibility of knowledge by a third party.
3.3 The creation of several user accounts for the same person physical or legal is illegal. The user account is not transferable.

  1. services / conclusion of the contract

4.1 After the user has entered his wishes on the platform (for example his destination, the nature of the tour, the time at which the tour begins, the number of participants and the choice of prices ), the company presents the user with information relating to service providers (“service information”). Based on this information and possibly after having checked availability, the user can, by booking, issue a contract proposal which will be redirected to the respective provider, knowing that the sub-intermediaries are acting on behalf of the user having benefited from intermediation. To do this, it is necessary to choose and add to the basket, by means of a click on the order button “confirm and book”.
4.2 The offer from the user is valid for 5 working days (cf. point 5 of part III of the general conditions applicable to providers of tourist activities).
4.3 The company informs users of the transport and sales conditions of providers relating to their contractual relationship with users as well as their benefits. These conditions can be found in the respective tenders. It is the responsibility of the user to fulfill and comply with these conditions. The provider reserves the right not to allow users to access the activity or to exclude them if they do not meet these conditions. In this case, the price paid will not be refunded.
4.4 The company provides the user with a booking confirmation in the name and under the mandate of the service provider as well as a confirmation of payment. The use per se of the platform is in principle free. The user bears the costs relating to technical access to the platform (for example Internet access). The company is authorized to collect the amount fixed by an invoice in the name and under the mandate of the service provider.
4.5 The company transmits to the user any data concerning the use of a service provided by the service provider in accordance with the conditions in force (such as the data on the ticket), after having received them from the service provider.
4.6 The company does not guarantee the relevance of the data transmitted or the contribution of the services provided by the service providers given that all the information communicated and transmitted comes from the data of the service providers or third parties, which the company is unable to verify in detail.

  1. Pay at

5.1 The payment to be paid by the user for services from the service provider is subject to the application of the service contract concluded with the service provider.
5.2 The company is authorized to collect the amounts set by an invoice in the name and under the mandate of the service provider, provided that no derogating provision is mentioned on the invoice. When the user has to pay a claim in a currency different from his own (foreign currency claim), the company can require the user to pay in his local currency and convert the currency claim foreign exchange at the current exchange rate at the conclusion of the contract. can bill the user for a suitable exchange commission for this purpose.
5.3 The user’s contacts, concerned by the service contract and its payment, are a contractual partner of the respective service provider . The user can claim reimbursement of a payment only from the respective provider. Reimbursement from the service provider can also be made by the company In order to simplify the procedure for the user, it is recommended that communication be established through
5.4 The user must log in to use the cash payment option. The user must enter correct payment information and in case of changes must immediately make these changes. The company can refuse the payment method designated by the user. The means of payment authorized for the respective service will be presented to the user during the booking process.
5.5 The user having agreed to pay, agrees that his payment information will be used by the holder of the claim for recovery of payment. The company reserves the right to make the use of the payment function of the company subject to the verification of the creditworthiness required of the user.

  1. The constitution of the prices of the company

6.1 All the prices displayed on are published by the service providers and subject to their own general conditions of sale.
6.2 These prices set by the service providers are likely to fall under specific provisions relating for example to the cancellation and refund of payments having been made. Please, before making a reservation, check precisely whether the respective service contract is subject to special provisions.

  1. The best price guarantee from

7.1 The company wants users to pay for the respective service at the lowest possible price. If it should happen that users find the offer reserved via the company for the same reasons (city, number of people, availability) and at a lower price on the Internet, the company would pay to unilaterally and voluntarily users the difference between the price of the reservation made via and the lowest price available, found by the user on the Internet.
7.2 All special and promotional offers are qualified as as such

  1. Duties and obligations of the user

8.1 The user is required to keep his registration data secret (his username and password) and not to allow a third party to access his space on the portal by means of its registration data. The use of the space on the user’s portal will be charged to the latter.
8.2 After receiving information relating to the services, the user can send to the company Tour-Guides. en possible reservations in order to be redirected to the service provider.
8.3 The user will exempt from claims from third parties due to its use of the platform, unless these third parties are represented by

  1. Availability and guarantee

9.1 Availability, quality or characteristics criteria or technical assistance for the platform were not required. can at any time and freely restructure, reduce or adjust the platform. The agreements existing between the user and the service provider as well as their arrangement are not affected by such modifications.
9.2 The company assumes no guarantee as to the relevance or the completeness of the data made available by third parties (for example other providers).
9.3 The company assumes no guarantee as to the services offered by providers. The respective service provider has the status of interlocutor of the user for questions and complaints relating to the service contract as well as its performance.
9.4 Insofar as there is no obligation between the company Tour-Guides. fr and the user, the company does not assume any guarantee.

  1. The responsibility of

10.1 Insofar as the company has not given its express agreement to a contractual obligation with the user, it does not engage its responsibility for a reservation request emanating from the user in view of the conclusion of contracts with the service provider having benefited from the intermediation.
10.2 Without explicit agreement or guarantee on this subject, the company does not engage its responsibility as for the services having benefited from the intermediation. The company also does not engage its responsibility for the breaches of the obligation to provide and for bodily injury and material damage caused to the user within the framework of the services having benefited from intermediation.
10.3 A possible responsibility of the company for the violation of the obligations as for the intermediation of contracts is not affected by the provisions envisaged previously.
10.4 The responsibility of the company as for to the contractual obligations of the user is limited to the triple price of the tourist activities having benefited from the intermediation, except that:
• each violation of an essential obligation whose realization allows at first sight a compliant execution of the contract of intermediation or undermines the object of the contract.
• the responsibility for damage to life, physical integrity or health, caused by the user, rests on a violation of the obl igations by negligence of the company or of a violation of the intentional obligations or by negligence of a legal representative or an auxiliary of execution of the company
• the responsibility for other damages caused by the user resulting from a grossly negligent violation of the obligations of or from an intentional or negligent violation of obligations by a legal representative or an executive assistant of the company
10.5 For simple negligence, the company engages its responsibility only for the violation of an essential obligation of the contract and only for foreseeable and typical damage. Essential contract obligations are understood to mean obligations the fulfillment of which at first glance makes it possible to perform the contract properly, and the user may have faith in respecting it.
10.6 Limitations of liability do not apply in the context of ” A guarantee transmission, for damage to life, bodily injury and health as well as by the provisions guaranteed by the German code relating to product liability.

  1. Termination

Users can at any time, by blocking their user account, end their registration on the portal. can unilaterally end a registration within one week. Previously created claims are not affected. The right to an extraordinary unilateral termination is not affected.

  1. Evaluation function

12.1 Users have the possibility of influencing the content displayed on the platform. In fact, users have the possibility of writing travel accounts in the form of evaluations or image adjustments (“user content”). Users are responsible for user content that they have fully adjusted and vouch for it. You ensure the accuracy of the content and guarantee that it does not contain any misrepresentation or inadmissible data. Users guarantee that their content does not infringe the rights of a third party. The company is not absolutely and in no case associated with user content but quite simply makes a platform available.
12.2 The company can use user content , in various ways. This involves, among other things, posting on the website, restructuring, shaping for clarity and better grammar, integration of advertisements or other providers.
12.3 The company may, if necessary and freely, delete or adjust user content again. The company can for example remove content from users when the latter violates the principles of the company is not obliged to keep copies of user content or to make such copies available. The company does not guarantee the confidentiality of the contents of users.
12.4 The company, its sub-intermediaries and their associates (commercial) can display advertisements and additional information near user content on the website and may jointly display additional media. Users cannot claim any remuneration for such advertisements. Modifications concerning the nature and the extent of such advertising measures remain reserved, a user must not be specially notified.
12.5 Users exempt from all claims from third parties, in their completeness (including the appropriate costs relating to the exercise and defense of a right) and at first request, asserting user content adjusted by the user with regard to the company This applies even when the contentious content displayed on the platform is no longer available. This does not apply when the company is responsible for a violation of the law. Users must, in the event of a claim by a third party, immediately, truthfully and exhaustively make available to, all the information necessary for the assessment of the claims and for a defense.

  1. Data protection

13.1 The company collects and uses the personal data of users when it is necessary for the justification, composition and modification of the contractual relationship for the company between user and the company
13.2 As soon as the company intervenes in the communication for a service contract between the user and the respective provider, it sends the respective provider the necessary data to this contract. The provider processes and uses the data for the drafting of the contract, the conclusion of the contract and the execution, under his sole responsibility. The identity of the respective service provider is revealed on the booking dialog.
13.3 You will find additional information in the data protection provisions of at the following link: http: // www / Privacy-policy.php.

  1. Modification of these general conditions

14.1 The company reserves the right to modify these general conditions at any time and without stating the reason. The company will make such modifications to consumers, modifications which the user is required to accept taking reasonable account of the interests of both parties. This concerns, for example, cases relating to a breach of equivalence, but also regulatory gaps and changes in the legal situation. The conditions having been subjected to modifications will be sent to the users by e-mail at the latest two weeks before their entry into force. If a user does not dispute the validity of the general conditions within two weeks after receipt of the email, the conditions having been subject to modifications are considered admissible and therefore applicable. will particularly inform users, in the email containing the conditions having been subject to modifications, of the meaning of this two-week period.
14.2 The general conditions may be modified at any time moment and without preliminary announcement in order to be able to submit the new subsequent uses, to the intermediation. The new valid conditions apply respectively to each intermediation.

  1. Other conditions

15.1 These general conditions correspond to the sole agreement between and the user. There are no other arrangements.
15.2 The law of the Republic of France is applicable and the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods does not apply. If you have made the reservation as a consumer and at the time of the reservation, your usual residence is in another State, the choice as to the applicable law mentioned in sentence 1 will not affect the application of imperative standards of that other state. The Berlin courts have exclusive jurisdiction, insofar as the user is a trader within the meaning of the French Commercial Code or does not have a fixed domicile in France. This does not affect the courts considered imperatively competent by law.
15.3 If conditions relating to these general conditions should be or become null and void, the remaining conditions will not be affected.

III. General conditions of the provider of tours and other tourist activities

  1. Introduction

Part III of these general conditions applies to all contracts concluded between the service provider and the users via the platform. This also applies when access to the platform has taken place via the partner platform of a cooperation partner or through or via the platform of a sub-intermediary.

  1. Truthful data

The data communicated via the platform must be truthful. The service provider reserves the right to withdraw from the contract or to exclude the user from participation in a service and to claim damages up to the cancellation costs in accordance with point 11 of part II of the general conditions , when the user has communicated incorrect data.

  1. Presentation at the meeting point and compliance with the conditions

Arriving on time at the communicated meeting point is your responsibility. You yourself are responsible, if you arrive from abroad, to bring your essential travel documents (passport etc.) and to respect the provisions relating to health etc.

  1. Additional conditions for participation or routing

Insofar as the service provider agrees with you on additional conditions of participation or routing to the general contractual conditions provided for in this Part III, you are yourself responsible for complying with these additional conditions of participation or routing. The provider reserves the right to exclude a participant from the activity who does not meet these conditions.

  1. Mandatory force of the request

The contract between you or rather between the user who benefited from the intermediation and the provider is made by means of the acceptance of your compulsory request by the provider. By booking a visit or another activity, you submit to the service provider a mandatory offer to which you or the user who has benefited from your intermediation, are committed 5 working days. The service provider accepting your offer during this period, the legally binding contract is formed. You or the user who has benefited from the intermediation receive this notification by e-mail.

  1. Payment

The overall price agreed for the service having benefited from the intermediation of the company expires with the completion of the contract, namely the payment.

  1. Details on the right of withdrawal

The service provider informs that the right of withdrawal is not provided for by legal provisions for contracts relating to tourist services which have been concluded remotely (i.e., via the platform). Only the rights of termination and the rights to terminate, provided for by French law, exist.

  1. Self-responsibility for insurance

The price of the services does not take into account any insurance. It is your sole responsibility to submit sufficient insurance. The need to submit insurance varies depending on the activities booked.

  1. Unpaid services

If you or rather the user who benefited from the intermediation by you do not pay for the reserved service in accordance with the agreed payment deadlines, while the service provider is ready and is able to provide the services in accordance with the contract and that no right of retention is provided legally or contractually on your part or on the part of the user having benefited from the intermediation, the service provider is authorized after payment reminder with due date, to renounce the contract and to fall to you or the user having benefited from the intermediation by you, the payment of the termination fees provided for in point 11.

  1. Exchange of messages

All messages between you or the user who benefited from the intermediation by you and the service provider are made via the platform. For quick processing, it will be advisable to use only the forms made available by the company

  1. Cancellation guidelines

11.1 When you cancel (cancel) the activity, the conditions relating to cancellation, mentioned in the description of the product as well as on your voucher, apply. The company advises the user to carefully read the information contained in the product description.
11.2 If the description of the product from your service provider should not mention any special conditions relating to the cancellation, the costs of cancellation of the tourist activity provider amount to:
a. up to 24 hours before the start of the activity, full reimbursement
b. after 24 hours before the start of the activity or in case of no show at the activity, no refund.
11.3 You or the user who benefited from the intermediation by you must always provide proof to the provider that no damage has been caused or that only damage more insignificant than the package requested by the service provider has been caused.
11.4 The service provider reserves the right to claim a concretely higher compensation instead of the package previous, insofar as the provider proves that costs essentially higher than the respectively applicable package, were incurred. In this case, the service provider undertakes to quantify the compensation claimed taking into account the costs saved and another application of the services provided and to provide proof.
11.5 Reimbursement is made by means of payment used before. For credit cards with monthly fees, the amount will be credited at the end of the current accounting period. The repayment date depends on the user’s credit card contract. Reimbursement by bank transfer is made within seven working days.

  1. Extraordinary cancellation

The service provider may, without respecting the cancellation period, cancel the appointment set for the activity when weather conditions, administrative arrangements, strikes or other unforeseeable or inevitable external circumstances (in particular force majeure events) do not allow or considerably complicate or compromise the performance of the activity. In this case, the price paid will be refunded.

  1. Exclusion from participation

The service provider is able to deny you access to an activity or to exclude you from it when your person does not meet the conditions for participation, when your participation would put you or other people in danger or disturb another sustainable way of carrying out the activity. This applies correlatively to the user who benefited from the intermediation by you. In this case, the reimbursement of the price paid cannot be made.

  1. Program changes

The service provider also reserves the right to make incidental program modifications, when this decision is taken due to unforeseeable or unavoidable circumstances.

  1. Other conditions

You will find other conditions or special provisions in the respective invitations to tender.

  1. Time zone

The service provider’s time zone is authoritative as regards the fixing of timetables and deadlines.

  1. Responsibility of the provider of the tour or tourist activity

The service provider is responsible for its services, in accordance with applicable law. The provider is liable only when the latter is provided for by applicable law.

  1. Modification of these general conditions

The general conditions of the tour or other tourist service provider may be changed at any time without prior notice, for subsequent reservations. The conditions in force apply respectively to each individual reservation. The user cannot claim, for subsequent reservations, the application of the conditions which were previously applicable.

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